Minutes of 2003 LCE Meetings

31.01.2003: Longitudinal Stability Criterion for Dipole and Higher-Order Modes (Pictures from Besnier 1978) [EM], Collimator Wake Impedance [FR, LV], Locations of SPS RF Buttons [FZ], Measurements of Low-Energy Secondary Emission and Photon Backscattering [FZ]

14.02.2003: Follow Up on Actions, LHC Collimators: Resistive Impedance - Rough Estimate [FR], LHC Collimators: Resistive Impedance - Detailed Calculation (table) (optics file) [LV], Discussion on Collimator Philosophy [FR et al.], LHC Collimators: Geometric Impedance [FZ], Electron Cloud Simulation Code Developments [DS],  Discussions with VAC&RF on LHC/SPS E-Cloud Aspects [FZ], Incoherent Longitudinal Tune Shift and Landau Damping [EM], Beam-Beam: Preparation for Chamonix [FR, FZ, WH],

21.02.2003: Urgent Matters and Ongoing Activities, Slides for Collimation Meeting [FR], Coupled Bunch Instabilities in the LHC, LHC PR 585 [Deepa Angal Kalinin], Geometric Impedance of Tapered Collimator [FZ], Electron Cloud at Collimators [FZ], Transverse Collimator Impedance vs Aperture [LV], LHC Collimator Transverse Impedance [LV], LHC Collimator Impedance Table [LV], Progress Report on LHC Collimator Imepdance [FR, LV]

28.02.2003: LHC Beam Commissioning Parameters [FR], Progress on e-cloud simulations [DS, EB, FZ], Collimator Impedance [LV et al], Beam-Beam Simulations [BM]

28.03.2003: Report from LHC Collimation Meeting [LV], Follow-UP LTC Collimation Discussion [FR], Detuning due to Long Range Beam-Beam Collisions [WH], MAFIA and/or GDFIDL Simulations, References on Localized Resistive Wall Impedance, 2003 Plans for E-Cloud and Other Collective Effects [FZ]

04.04.2003: Impedance of LHC Collimators [LV+DS], LHC Transverse Impedance Limits [LV] Localized Multi-Bunch Modes [AK], Strategy for Collimator Impedance [FR], Preliminary Results on Emittance Growth with Electron Cloud [EB]

11.04.2003: Luminosity Loss due to LHC Collimator Impedance and Impedance Challenge by Fritz Caspers  [FR], Analytical Approaches [R. Gluckstern], Frequency Maps for Electron-Cloud Simulations [FZ], Emittance Growth due to Quadrupole Wakes [FZ], Report from SNS ASAC and KEKB [FZ]

25.04.2003: Crossing Angle in IP2 [WH], Tune Shifts for Higher Order Head Tail Modes [EM], Coupled-Bunch Wakes for Electron Cloud [DS], Information on Visitors [FR], Summary of Oxford Workshop on Space Charge Simulations [EM],  EXCEL file summarizing  features of space-charge simulation codes presented at the Oxford workshop [EM], Update on Emittance-Growth Simulations with HEADTAIL [EB]

09.05.2003: Collimator Transverse Impedance [LV], PAC Papers, ZBASE, New LHC Design Report, Visit by H. Tsutsui, FNAL Trip Report [FR], Resistive-Wall Instability [AK, EM] 

23.05.2003: Follow-Up on Tune Shifts of Higher Order Modes [EM], New Developments for ECLOUD Code [DS], Impedance Database [OB et al], Chapters & Key Words for New LHC Design Report [FZ]

06.06.2003: Z-Base Mini-Team, Ongoing E-Cloud Studies: SR Radiation in LHC, Quantum-Mechanical Expression for Electron Reflectivity & E-Cloud at Collimators (FLUKA results) [FZ], Draft Paper on Synchrotron Radiation in LHC Experimental Insertions [FZ]

13.06.2003: Action Items, Announcements

20.06.2003: Report from BI Specification Working Group [WH], Round Table Discussion of Ongoing Activities, Transverse Damper

04.07.2003: Round Table Discussion of Ongoing Work Including LCE Contributions to LHC Design Report

11.07.2003:  Recent Results on MKE Kicker Heating and LHC Collimator Impedance [LV, HT], Memo: Calculation of MKE Kicker Heating [HT et al], Draft Note Resistive Wall Impedance of an LHC Collimator [HT], Beam-Beam Studies (New Crossing Scheme) [WH], New LHC Filling Scheme [WH], Working Plan for Beam-Beam Studies [WH], Impedance Interpolation Routine for ZBASE

14.07.2003: Joint LCE-LOC Meeting on Beam-Beam Tracking Plans

18.07.2003: Discussions on Collimator Impedance [LV, FR, AK], Transverse Impedance of C Collimator [LV], Beam-Beam [WH], Zbase [TdA,FZ]

01.08.2003: Ongoing Activities: a) Collimator Impedance - Resistive Wall Effective Impedance of an LHC Collimator [EM], Email of Luc Vos to Ralph Assmann about Bug in Effective Impedance Computation , B) Collimator Electron Cloud, C) Beam-Beam, D) Electron Cloud - Electron Cloud and Related Activities (pdf) [FZ]

08.08.2003: RF Amplitude Modulation in the SPS [EV], Round Table on Ongoing Activities, Resistive Wall and Inductive Bypass [AK]

22.08.2003: Status of GdfidL [DS], Tune Dependence of CB Effective Impedance [EM], Landau Damping from Octupoles [EM,LV] , Inductive Bypass Impedance [EM], Space-Charge Tune Spread versus Landau-Damping of HT Modes [EM], RF Amplitude Modulation [EV], CB Transverse Feedback [EV], Electron-cloud status [FZ], Multi-Bunch Simulations & Inductive-Bypass Wake Field   (CB mode0, mode1, mode2, mode3)  [AK], TESLA XFEL Executive Summary

29.08.2003: Stability with Space Charge and Octupoles [EM], LCE Contribution to the LHC Design Report [FR], Other Items [LV,EM]

05.09.2003: Collective Effects Chapter in LHC Design Report [FR], Suggested Contributions from US LARP [FZ, FR, et al.],  Feedback Simulation [EV]

19.09.2003: LHC Stability at Injection: Octupoles + Space Charge [EM], Decoherence and Emittance Growth at Injection in the LHC [FR], SPS Kicker Impedance Measurements by Orbit Bumps [GA], Other Possible SPS Machine Studies, Future Work on ZBASE [FR], Incoherent vs Coherent Tune Shifts due to Collimators [FR]

26.09.2003: Future Work on ZBASE [FR], Coherent vs. Incoherent Tune Shift in Non-Collimation Plane [LV,FR], Possible Collimator Test in the SPS Next Year, Evaluation of the Kicker-Impedance Measurement [GA, LV], Report from SNS ASAC Review [FZ], Matlab Simulations of Multi-Bunch Feedback [EV], Coherent Tune Shift and Stability Diagram [EM]

03.10.2003: Early Status Report on LHC Resonator Impedance,  Kickers, BPM's, and Cold-Warm Transitions [FZ], Tensor Transformation [FR], Collimator Wake Calculations using GdfidL [DS], Landau Damping by Octupoles and Space Charge [EM]

24.10.2003: Automatic Collimator Impedance Calculation [EM], TMCI Threshold in the SPS [EM], ZBASE GdfidL Work [DS], LHC Ions [JJ],  Update on E-Cloud Simulations [EB], Report from PEP-II MAC, Factories'03, Other Ongoing Activities and ZBASE [FZ]

31.10.2003: Round Table Discussion

07.11.2003:  Specs for Q and Q' Meter: Implications from Impedance and Beam-Beam [FR,WH], Electron Cloud Effects with 75 ns Bunch Spacing [DS], Impedance of NEG coating of all Warm Sections [LV], Email by W. Hofle on Transverse Feedback and Its Ude for Diagnostics, Automatic Collimator Impedance Computations [EM], Landau Damping by Octupoles and Space Charge [EM]

14.11.2003: Unified Instability Threshold [EM], Collimator Impedance Calculation for 9 Options [EM], Comparison with Luc Vos for Phase-1 Baseline Layout [EM], Effect of Coating [EM], Space Charge and Octupoles [EM],  Electron-Cloud Simulations for Variable Bunch Spacing [DS], RF Voltage Modulation in the SPS [EV]

21.11.2003: LHC Impedance & SPS Electron Cloud [DS], E-Cloud Presentation in LTC [FR], Automatic Collimator Impedance Calculation for 9 Options [EM], TMCI Simulations for SPS Measurements [EB], Electron-Cloud Instability Simulations [EB], News from LHC TC [WH], RF Amplitude Modulation in the SPS [EV[

28.11.2003: Coupling-Impedance Form Factors [EM], Automatic Computation of Collimator Impedance and Stability Limits [EM], Progress Report on GdfidL, ZBASE, and Multi-Bunch Instabilities [DS+FZ+EM+EV+AK], Progress Report on Electron Cloud Studies [EB+DS+FZ], Q-meter Specs and Spectra with Beam-Beam Collisions [WH]

05.12.2003: Collimator Impedance [EM], Chromaticity Factor for the SPS Fast Instability [EM], Progress on ZBASE and Impedance [FZ,AK,FR,DS], Memo on Qmeter and Beam-Beam [WH, EV],  Electron Cloud [FZ,EB,DS],

19.12.2003: Impedance, CERN Planning & BNL Workshop [FR], BPM Impedance [FZ], Electron Cloud Simulations [DS,FZ], Automatic Collimator Impedance Calculation [EM], Stability of TOTEM Beam [EM]

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