Minutes of 2006 RLC LHC Meetings

13 January 2006: Transverse Impedance of TDI [AG], Preliminary Results on LHC Electron Cloud Maps (ppt ) [Theo Demma], Review of EPAC06 Abstracts

20 January 2006: Impedance of PS Kickers and PS Impedance Budget (APC Talk) [EM], PS Fast Instability at Transition with Gaussian and Flat Bunches [GR], SPS Fast Instability at Injection with Round and Flat Chambers [GR], H/V TMCI Intensity Thresholds for Flat vs Round Chambers [EM], New Interpretation of SPS Collimator Impedance Tests [FZ], Collective Effect Aspects of "Chamonix" Presentations (FZ's Slides) [WH+FZ]

03. February 2006: Review of Open Actions [FR],  Follow-up on the Impedance of TDI [AG], Follow-up on the Impedance of TCLIA/TCTV [AG], Single and Coupled-Bunch Instabilities at LHC Top Energy vs Q' [EM]

10. February 2006: Transverse Impedance of TCTV and Possible Improvements [AG], Coupled-Bunch Instabilities with TCTV [EM], Follow-up of SPS MKE Kicker Impedance [EM], Follow-up of Impedance Design for Totem Roman Pots [FR], Follow Up Transverse Collimator Impedance with Driving and Detuning Wake [EM],  Follow Up Transverse Collimator Impedance with Driving and Detuning Wake [FZ], Vertical Trapped Modes of SPS BPMs [EM], Rating of Different LHC IR Upgrade Options: First Ideas [RT], EPAC'06 Participation [FR]

17. February 2006: Update on Broadband Impedance of TCTV Collimator and Follow-Up [AG], Impedance Measurements of LHC Wire Scanners [FC], Long-Range Beam-Beam and Compensation Simulations [UD], SPS MD Requests, Transverse RW Impedance of SIS100 and LHC Collimators: Comparison of Zotter's and Balbekov's Results [EM], Vertical Impedance (Trapped Modes) of the SPS BPH [EM]

03.03.2006: LHC HEADTAIL Simulations with Stripes and Dipole Field [EB], Rating and Magnet Aperture for the LHC IR Upgrade [RT], Two-Beam Resistive-Wall Wake Field [FZ], Impedance Localization for the SPS - New Fitting Results [FZ], Pros and Cons of 75 and 25 ns Spacing [FZ,GA], Definition of Transverse Resonator Impedance [FZ]

10.03.2006: Follow-up of TCTV collimator and IPM impedance issues [AG], HEADTAIL simulations with measured BPM impedance [GR], TMCI instability and possible re-construction of SPS impedance [GR], Status of coherent beam-beam studies [TP]

17.03.2006: IPM Coatings [EM], Follow-up of TCTV Collimator Impedance [AG],  Trapped Modes in LHC Collimators [AG], Transverse Resistive Wall impedance for SIS100 at GSI and LHC Collimators [EM], Bunch Shortening along SPS Bunch Trains due to Electron Cloud [GR], Highlights from RPIA2006 [FZ]

07.04.2006: Progress report on US-LARP Beam-Beam studies [WH], Increasing the TMCI threshold in SPS by linear coupling [EM], Report about FP420 meeting [EM], Follow-up of TCTV and TCLI collimator impedance [EM + AG & FR], TCDS functional specifications [AG], LHC collimators RF fingers [AG & FR], Follow-up of CARE-HHH CERN-GSI meeting [FR], Talk by Flemming Pedersen from 2001 PS Days (mentioning TMCI in AD)

21.04.2006: Bunch Shortening in the SPS with LHC Beam (ppt file) [EM, GR], Transverse RM Impedance and Coupled-Bunch tune Shift for a Single 1-m Long Circular Collimator with 2-mm Half Gap [EM],  Update of LHC Single- and Coupled-Bunch Stability at Injection/Top Energy with/without Collimators [EM], Tune Shift for FP420 [EM], Super B-Factory Schemes (Crabbed Waist, etc) and Possible Application to the LHC Luminosity Upgrade [FZ]

05.05.2006: Update on Transverse Impedance of SPS MKE Kicker [EM], Coherent Tune Shifts vs Collimator Gap [FZ], Electron-Cloud Instability Threshold vs SPS Injection Energy [GR], Measured SPS Correlations of Bunch Intensity/Length [GR], Email Exchange on Broken Collimator Finger [RA, AG]

19.05.2006: Walk through Open Actions [WH, RLC Team], Follow-up of GSI-CERN Meeting: Simulation Results from Burkhardt Doliwa on SPS MKE Kicker Impedance and Numerical Results from Rainer Hasse on LHC Collimator [EM]

02.06.2006: FP420 Resistive-Wall Effect on Coupled-Bunch Instability for Cu [EM], FP420 Resistive-Wall Effect on Coupled-Bunch Instability for Stainless Steel [EM], First Two LHC Collimators Installed [EM], Inventory of the SPS Kickers [EM]

16.06.2006: Follow up for the SPS MKE kicker transverse impedance [EM], TMCI scaling factor with energy for the SPS [EM+GR], Follow-up of transverse Landau damping with space charge [EM]

07.07.2006: Follow-Up of Transverse RW Impedance of LHC Collimators - GSI Result [EM], Stability Diagram with Pinched Electron Cloud [FZ], Impressions from EPAC'06

14.07.2006: Scaling of Collimator Impedance with Gaps Size, Beta Function, Chromaticity, Conductivity and Bunch Length [FZ], LHC Collimator Transverse Impedance Status Report [EM]

12.09.2006: Wire Measurements on the LHC TDI Absorber [Tom Kroyer], Transverse Resistive Wall Impedance with Finite Length [EM], New GSI RW-Impedance Result for the LHC Collimator [EM], Comparison of CERN and GSI RW Impedance Results for SIS100 [EM]

19.09.2006: TDI Follow-Up [EM], SIS100 RW Impedance Follow Up [EM], Crossing Transition with TMCI [EM], Comments by King Ng on Landau Damping with Space Charge and Octupoles [EM], Review of Some Landau Damping Results [EM], Code Repository [FZ], Beam Parameters for LHC Upgrade [FZ]

26.09.2006: TMCI Observations in AD [Flemming Pedersen], Follow-Up LHC Collimator RW Impedance [EM], TCDS, TDI, TCDQ Follow Up [EM], 2004 Discussion of SPS Collimator Effects Including Growth Rate [FZ]

24.10.2006: 6 PS TSTLHC Cycles in the SPS instead of 4 PS LHC Cycles? [EM], SPS Collimator Tests in 2006: Impedance Measurement [EM], Impedance Measurements in 2006 for the LHC Prototype Collimator [EM]

07.11.2006: Y-Chamber in IR2 and 8 [EM], Highlights from PEP-II MAC [FZ], Update on Finite-Length Transverse RW Impedance [EM]

21.11.2006: Discussion on ZBASE [OB, WH, JJ, EM[, Mathematica ZBASE Prototype (Wake Field File),  Mathematica ZBASE Demo (pdf version) [JJ],  Review of Stupakov's Paper on Finite-Length RW Impedance [EM] 

28.11.2006: Y Chamber Update [EM[, CERN-GSI icker Impedance Benchmarking [EM]

05.12.2006: Discussion on Incoherent Electron Cloud Studies (pdf file) [GR], Review of PS Space-Charge Benchmarking [EM], Report from LNF SC [JJ]

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