Minutes of 2004 LCE Meetings

09.01.2004: Estimate of Longitudinal Impedance for LHC Schottky Monitor (email) [EV], Electron Cloud [DS], EPAC'04 Abstracts

16.01.2004: Some Plans for 2004 [WH,FZ,EV], Tune Shift and Tune Spread due to Electron Cloud [EB], Using Feedback to Damp Transient Ripple Effects at SPS Extraction to CNGS [EV], E-cloud Simulation Results for WAMPAC1&3 and LHC [FZ]

30.01.2004: Rigid Bunch Collimation Code [EV], Stability for Beam Collimation at 6 Sigma [EM], Collective Limitations for TOTEM Beam [EM], Electron Cloud in LTC [DS], Emittance Growth from Electron Cloud [EB], Chamonix Follow Up [FR], GdfidL [DS]

06.02.2004: Geometric Collimator Impedance [DS], Resistive-Wall Impedance with Inductive Bypass [AK], Resistive-Wall Impedance with Inductive Bypass for the LHC Collimators [EM], Stability Diagram for a Beam with Non-Gaussian Tails [EM], Follow-Up on Electron-Cloud Presentation at LTC [DS], BPM Impedance with and w/o Copper Coating [FZ], Touschek in MAD-X [FZ], E-Cloud Simulations at Injection and Top Energy in LHC and E-cloud in DAFNE [FZ], Suppression of E-Cloud Instability by Chromaticity [EM]

13.02.2004: Geometric Collimator Impedance [DS], SPS Losses during CNGS Beam Extraction [EV], Review of Resistive-Wall Formulae and Measurements [FZ]

20.02.2004: General Formula of Resistive-Wall Impedance [EM], Comparison between the New General Formula and the Thick-Wall Formula with Inductive Bypasss for LHC Collimators [EM], Resistive-Wall Impedance and Bench Measurements [AK], Comparison of Resistive-Wall Formulae and Bench Measurements [FZ], Electron Cloud Analytical Results and Code Comparisons [EB], Progress on Feedback Simulations etc. [EV], LTC and Follow-Up from Chamonix[ FR], News on Computing Power [FR], LHC Geometric Collimator Impedance [EM], Stability Diagram for m>0 [EM], Related Paper LHC-Project-Report-121

12.03.2004: Computer Needs and CPU Estimates[ FS] ,  Beam-Beam Simulations, Follow-up of LTC Open Action, and MAD Work [WH], HEADTAIL Simulations of Q' Effect on High Intensity Single Bunch Stability at Injection in the SPS [EB+EM], New Results by BZ on Resistive Wall Impedance for Collimators [AK], Green Light for Installation of LHC Collimator Prototype in the SPS [DS], US-LARP Collaboration Meeting [FR], LCE Participation in EPAC'04 and other Conferences [FR], Minutes of Meeting on Resistive-Wall Impedance [EM] 

19.03.2004: Proposed Measurements during the SPS Scrubbing Run [DS], Effect of Q' on the E-Cloud  Emittance Growth [EB], Stabilization of Longitudinal Modes by RF AM in the LHC [EV],

02.04.2004: E-Cloud Build Up for Several Bunch Trains in the SPS [DS], LHC Crossing Angle Topology [WH], CMS Impedance [DS],  HEADTAIL Simulations for LHC [EB], LHC Collimator Test in the SPS [FZ], Experimental Beam Pipes Meeting [FZ], Highlights from FNAL, SNS, KEK, and APAC [FZ], Highlights from BNL [JJ]

23.04.2004: SPS Loss Factor vs Effective Impedance [EM], Results for CNGS Beam Extraction and SPS Feedback [EV], Dynamic Heat Load for a "Warm" LHC Dipole Beam Screen [FR]

07.05.2004: Beam-Beam Studies and Visit by Fred Jones [FJ],  Update on Collimator Resistive-Wall Simulations [AK], Update on LHC Impedance  - Beam Screen, Warm Pipe, TCDS [EM], Update on RF AM and Transverse Feedback [EV], BBLR Impedance [FZ], Follow-Up From ECLOUD04 and Future Plan (Novokhatsky movie 1, movie 2) [FZ], Report from PEP-II MAC [FZ]

14.05.2004: Update on LHC Impedance I - Collimators for Phase 1 [EM], Update on LHC Impednace II - Res. Wall Impedance for TCDQ [EM], Report from Visit to USC and Future E-Cloud Plan [EB], Parallel Beam-Beam Simulations [FJ] Report from ESRF [FZ]  

28.05.2004: Visit by DK, Impedance Calculations, BBLR Impedance [FZ] , EPAC Papers

04.06.2004: Multilayer Transverse Impedances: Collimators and Kickers [AB], Collective Effects in the Tevatron [AB], Collimator Contacts [DS], Electron-Cloud Benchmarking for Electron Energy Detector [FZ], EPAC Papers, Beam-Beam Simulations [DK]

16.07.2004: Report from EPAC04 [FR], Report from EPAC04 [FZ], Contact Resistance of Collimator Jaws [EM] (Email Exchange of FR and S. Calatroni), Electron-Cloud Simulations for RHIC, LHC, SPS [FZ], Email Exchange of FR and JJ concerning Maximum Acceptable Vacuum Pressure for Ions,  SPS Kicker Impedance [EM], Longitudinal Loss Factor [FR],  Simulation of Resistive-Wall Instability with Simulink [EV]

23.07.2004: Stability Diagrams using L.Vos' and Burov-Lebedev's Formulae [EM], Beam-Beam Simulations [WH&TP], Simulations of Electron-Cloud Emittance Growth [EB], Electron-Cloud Build-Up Simulations [FZ], CPT Theorem for Accelerators by V. Shiltsev

06.08.2004: Report on PS Adiabatic Capture MD [EM], Longitudinal Loss Factors of Collimators and TCDQ [EM], Ion Luminosity Lifetime [JJ], BBLR Experiments of 29/30.07.2004 [FZ], Correct Modeling of Wake Effect by a Single Kick [EV]

17.09.2004: RF Measurements of Trapped Modes in the LHC Collimator Prototype [SR] , New Definition of the Montague-Resonance Stopband for Intensity-Dependent Emittance Transfer Based on Envelope Equations, Etc. [EM],  Measurements of Kicker Effect & Damping [EV], Plan for Collimator Tests [EM,FR]

01.10.2004: MKE Kicker Impedance and Heating - Amplitude and Power Spectra [EM], LCE Future Work on LHC and SPS Impedance Database [FR et al], Torino School on Plasma Physics and e-Cloud Simulations [EB], Highlights from SNS Review (Instability Diagrams, Kicker Impedance, Resistive Wall Wake, and e-cloud) [FZ]

08.10.2004: Beam-Beam Simulation Plans [WH], Follow-Up on MKE Kicker Impedance with Different  Ferrite [EM], Emittance Growth by Scattering off the Residual Gas [FZ], Notebook for Luminosity Lifetimes Including Gas Scattering [JJ], Effect of CNGS Extraction Kicker [EV], Electron-Cloud Simulations with HEADTAIL [EB]

13.10.2004: Update on HEADTAIL Simulations [EB], Beam Stability and Impedance Model for the SPS [EM]

22.10.2004: Preliminary Results of the SPS Collimation Test: Measured vs. Estimated Impedance Effects [FZ], Weak-strong simulations of LHC crossing schemes [FZ], Preliminary Results of Beam-Beam Simulations [TP]

26.11.2004: Sensitivity of TMCI Threshold for LHC beam to Various Impedance Parameters [EM], Electron-Cloud Emittance Growth as a Function of Effective Phase Advance and Tune Scans [EB], Intensity-Dependent Emittance Transfer [EM], Trip Report KEK [FZ]

03.12.2004: Simulation of Different Excitation Mechanisms in the Presence of Coherent Multibunch Interactions [TP]


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